Song Young-gil, a former representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, said today (21st) that the opposition should win 200 seats in next year's general election in consideration of the impeachment of President Yoon Suk-yeol.

Appearing on CBS Radio's "Kim Hyun-jung's News Show" today, Song said, "We need to create 200 seats so that we can have enough seats to impeach President Yoon."

The 200 seats appear to represent the sum of all the seats of the opposition that are critical of the Yoon Suk-yeol government.

Regarding the Democratic Party's expected push to deal with a special prosecutor bill next month related to allegations of stock price manipulation by President Yoon's wife, Kim Keon-hee, Song said, "If [President Yoon] vetoes the special prosecutor law, the anger of impeachment will explode."

Regarding the possibility of establishing a new party, Song emphasized, "In order to confront the Yoon Suk-yeol administration, it will be a strength for the MDP to win a lot of seats from the reformist party in proportional representation."

He continued, "We are planning to focus on those who can clearly fight against the 'dictatorship of the prosecutor' Yoon Suk-yeol," and said that he is also communicating indirectly with former Justice Minister Cho Kuk.

Referring to former People Power Party Chairman Lee Jun-seok, who mentioned the possibility of founding a party, Song said, "If he runs for office in Daegu and has a serious contest with the People Power Party, an anti-Yoon (anti-Yoon Suk-yeol) coalition may be possible."

Regarding the interpretation in political circles that former Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon's recent visit to Daegu and meeting with citizens has increased the possibility of Minister Han's candidacy in the general election, he sarcastically said, "It is a farce-making speech than President Yoon, who has actually made a political move since his appointment as prosecutor general."

"I think Han is going to a very safe place, and Daegu is also an option, so I made a preliminary visit," Song said, adding, "I'm doing things like the chairman of the People Power Party's legal committee and spokesperson."

(Photo = Yonhap News)