It is reported that the government has decided to freeze the ratio of the published price to the real estate market price (the realization rate) of real estate next year at this year's level.

An official from the President's Office said today (21st), "The government is reviewing the roadmap for the realization of the advertised price, but since it is impossible to revise the entire roadmap right now, we are looking into the direction of freezing for now."

In this case, the realization rate of next year's quoted price will remain the same as this year at 69.0%.

The fair market value ratio, which determines the total real estate tax base, is also at an all-time low of 60%.

As a result, if there is no change in the realization rate, the holding tax burden based on the published price of real estate is expected to remain at the same level as this year.

Earlier, the Moon Jae-in administration promoted a plan to raise the realization rate to a maximum of 90% through the roadmap for the realization of the advertised price.

However, during the Moon Jae-in administration, real estate prices skyrocketed, and the realization rate of the advertised price and the real estate holding tax rate rose one after another, leading to criticism that the tax burden increased excessively.

Since then, the Yoon Suk-yeol government has presented the review of the roadmap for the realization of public prices as a national task and has been preparing a new roadmap.

The realization rate of the published price, which was originally scheduled to rise to 72.7% this year, has been lowered to 2020.69%, the level of 0, reducing the tax burden for the time being.

However, even in the second year of its inauguration, the government has not been able to come up with a concrete roadmap revision plan that is not a temporary measure.

Originally, the government planned to announce a revision of the roadmap for the realization rate to be applied after 2 in the second half of this year, but there is still no concrete alternative other than the principled stance of "reviewing the roadmap from the beginning."

(Photo = Yonhap News)