The National Assembly continues to review the government's budget for the next fiscal year. The People Power Party has criticized the opposition party, which has a large number of seats, for being tyrannical and overrun the budget, while the Democratic Party of Korea (MDP) is fighting back, saying that it is correcting the budget that the ruling party has misprepared.

Reporter Jang Min-sung reports.


People Power Party harshly accused the MDP of unilaterally handling the budget in six standing committees, saying that the government's budget bill had been turned into the MDP's budget proposal by the tyranny of the majority of seats.

In particular, he criticized the 6.7 billion won in the local money budget handled by the MDP in the Public Administration and Safety Committee, and the 53.2 billion won budget for the "youth pass" and the increase in the budget for youth transportation and the "youth pass" that was increased by the National Land Committee.

[Yoon Jae-ok/People Power Party Leader: Both items are the Ha-myung budget ordered by Democratic Party Chairman Lee Jae-myung, and a representative populist budget.]

The Democratic Party of Korea (MDP) said that it is a process of weeding out wasteful budgets from the government's budget and correcting it with a budget to "save people's livelihoods."

He emphasized that the R&D and R&D budgets, which had been cut due to the lack of principles and standards, and the Saemangeum project budget were restored.

On the contrary, he said that the ruling party of the government, which is supposed to overcome the crisis of people's livelihood, is repeatedly in a reversed situation where the opposition party corrects the situation while cutting the related budget, and called for a change in attitude.

[Hong Ik-pyo/Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: The Yoon Suk-yeol government's overall absurd budget proposal does not show any principles and standards, only repeating tax cuts for the rich and fiscal austerity like a parrot...]

The Budget Subcommittee will be reviewing the increase until this Friday.

The government is aiming to vote on the budget at the end of this month, but there are predictions that it will not be able to meet the statutory deadline for processing the budget bill, which is the 923nd of next month, due to the continued clashes between the opposition and the opposition over the budget.

(Video interview: Cho Chun-dong and Kim Hak-mo, Video editing: Park Ji-in)