Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called on the international community to press for an end to the unprecedented massacre taking place in the Gaza Strip.

"This genocide reminds us of the massacres committed by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during World War II," Maduro was quoted by media as saying in his weekly program on Venezuelan television, warning of "the danger of remaining silent in the face of these acts of genocide."

Maduro added: "In Tel Aviv at the head of the Israeli government there is a Nazi racist extreme right, and we must be ready to defend true human values and the values of the homeland against the extreme right that is emerging in the world."

Maduro also called on the people of the world to take to the streets and press for the cessation of genocide, the punishment of the perpetrators and justice.

Maduro has already expressed on more than one occasion his support for Palestine and solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, calling for urgent action to stop the barbaric Israeli aggression targeting the Strip.

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