Kim Ki-hyun, chairman of the People Power Party, has floated the game, saying that he will launch a "super big tent" that encompasses the conservative camp and encompasses the centrist camp in order to win next year's general election.

Chairman Kim has been busily working under the water and contacting moderate and opposition-oriented figures, according to a number of political circles, including Chairman Kim's side, today (21 July).

A big tent is a bipartisan coalition of political forces whose orientations or values do not differ greatly.

It is not yet clear whether Chairman Kim's "Super Big Tent" initiative specifically refers to the recruitment of external talent, or whether it includes solidarity between candidates and political parties.

As such, the object is not specific, but the purpose seems to have been revealed to some extent.

There are many interpretations that it was a plan to preempt the middle ground against the "new party theory" of former Chairman Lee Jun-seok and other fringe figures within the party.

Mr. Kim's big tent theory appears to have in mind centrist unity, which encompasses even the Democratic Party's screaming (non-Lee Jae-myung) circle.

This is because Chairman Kim himself himself mentioned the minority of the Democratic Party.

Currently, the people who are being talked about are Rep. Lee Sang-min, a leading critic of the Democratic Party, and Representative Yang Hyang-ja of Korea's Hope Party, who is from the Democratic Party.

Regarding the possibility of Rep. Lee joining the People Power Party, Rep. Yoo Sang-beom said on the radio today, "I think we should try to recruit a reasonable person," and said, "I am open."

In a media call, a key party official said, "Rep. Lee Sang-min is actually ripe," and "there are more non-elite lawmakers who are in contact with him."

Chairman Kim plans to assess the breadth of the water change through an audit of party affairs by the end of the year, and if there is a fresh talent, he will recruit him at all costs.

The delay in finalizing the specific nomination rules in conjunction with the formation of the nomination management committee also seems to take into consideration this recruitment situation.

However, there are many opinions that it is uncertain whether Chairman Kim's centrist conservative big tent plan can be realized.

First of all, there are doubts about whether it will be possible to recruit the right talent in practice.

Opponents within the party criticize it as a desperate ploy by Mr. Kim, whose leadership has been challenged since his crushing defeat in the October 11 by-election for the mayor of Seoul's Gangseo-gu office.

Former Chairman Lee Jun-seok said on the radio, "In a situation where there is no harmony with the party officials at all, where is the big tent?" and "I am a little unsure how big the 'big' tent is."

A party official said, "There are many complaints that the party has been in too much of a hurry in a situation where there is no real benefit in absorbing the transition of the times, and it has only caused noise," adding, "The same situation should not be repeated."

In the end, it is no exaggeration to say that the success or failure of the "Kim Ki-hyun Super Big Tent" plan depends on how many Democratic Party lawmakers will join it.

For now, it seems highly likely that Rep. Lee Sang-min will join.

Rep. Lee was also invited to speak at the People Power Innovation Committee debate in Daejeon today.

He appeared on KBS Radio's "Special 1 Radio Today" and said, "If I delay [leaving the party], I will be attacked as if I am begging for a nomination," and "I can't put it off any longer," suggesting that his defection from the party is imminent.

In political circles, there is also a scenario in which members of the Democratic Party's non-elite group, "Principles and Common Sense," will leave the party and join the People Power Party.

However, the parties have clearly drawn a line under this prospect.

In today's statement, "Principle and Common Sense" said that Chairman Kim's plan was "far wrong" and urged him to "abandon his illusory dream of embracing various forces in various fields while continuing to run a uniform state administration as if it were a military operation, ignoring the people's feelings."

As the general election approaches, if the pro-Lee Jae-myung mainstream faction's "nomination massacre" materializes within the MDP, it may lead to their defection from the party, but there are also many observers who believe that it will be difficult for them to join hands with the People Power Party.

In the past, the ruling and opposition parties have raised the "big tent theory" several times in every election phase, but after the DJP (Kim Dae-jung and Kim Jong-pil) coalition, the results have been poor, contrary to expectations.

One of the reasons is that the ruling party's premium is getting weaker and weaker than it was in the past.

(Photo = Yonhap News)