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  • Hamas announced on Tuesday that it was getting closer to "concluding a truce agreement." Qatar, Egypt and the United States are working on an agreement to try to free hostages kidnapped in Israel by Hamas in exchange for a truce in the Gaza Strip.
  • In Israel, 1,200 people, the vast majority of them civilians, were killed, according to authorities, in the October 7 Hamas attack. In the Gaza Strip, more than 13,300 people have been killed in Israeli shelling, including more than 5,600 children, according to the Hamas government.
  • Vladimir Putin is due to take part in a virtual meeting of the emerging BRICS countries on Tuesday to discuss the war in Gaza, while his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is due to receive his counterparts from the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in Moscow.



6:45 a.m.: Israel continues to fight in northern Gaza

The Israeli army said overnight that its soldiers were "continuing to fight" in the northern Gaza Strip as Palestinian sources reported tensions at the Indonesian hospital, the target of Israeli strikes the day before that killed "12 patients and their relatives" and wounded "dozens of others," according to Hamas.

6:35 a.m.: Hamas says 'conclusion of truce agreement' is approaching

Hamas announced on Tuesday that talks were accelerating for a truce. "The movement (Hamas) has delivered its response to the brothers in Qatar and the mediators. We are getting closer to reaching a truce agreement," the head of the Palestinian movement, Ismail Haniyeh, was quoted as saying in a brief message on Hamas' Telegram account.

6:25 a.m.: Welcome to this new Live

Hello everyone. As every day, the editorial staff of 20 Minutes is mobilized to give you all the information on the conflict in the Middle East. Behind the scenes, diplomats continue to work in Qatar to secure a truce in Gaza in exchange for the release of hostages held by Hamas. On Tuesday, the talks appeared to be accelerating, according to sources within Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the second largest Palestinian armed Islamist group.

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