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Bombs on Khan Younis, civilians dead and injured

After an Israeli raid, they dig in the dust, looking for victims and survivors. It has been happening for 46 days: this time in Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, where masses of refugees are seeking refuge from the fighting further north



On Monday, November 20, yet another Israeli shelling hit a house in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip - where hundreds of thousands of civilians are seeking escape from the ongoing fighting further north.

According to witnesses, many children were killed and injured in the airstrike, and some people were still trapped under the rubble. Nearby houses were also damaged by the airstrike.

After Hamas' bloody blitz on Israeli territory, which left 1200,2 dead, Israel laid siege to Gaza's entire population of 3.13 million, pounding the crowded Palestinian enclave with continuous airstrikes. Health officials in Gaza, trusted by the United Nations, say more than 300,5 Palestinians have been killed by bombs, including 500,<> children, with others still buried under the rubble. Israel has ordered the evacuation of the entire northern half of Gaza and about two-thirds of residents are now homeless.