"The United States has always used the lie of defending freedoms and its concern for human rights as a weapon that it rents to serve its interests when needed, and directs it to certain countries that do not follow its footsteps, as violating rights is a consistent American policy that innocent civilians, including the people of Gaza, pay for," said Australian writer Caitlin Johnston.

Johnston, in an article published on its website on the Medium platform, described the United States as a colonial entity that does not believe in any moral values, and only seeks to achieve its interests, and despite attempts to hide the face of this entity with a false mask that promotes the slogans of humanity and freedoms, but the truth is no longer hidden, as the United States is a dysfunctional killer thirsty for blood.

Johnston stressed that America plays the game of human rights whenever it wants to pressure a country that violates its orders, and uses this paper as a guided weapon ready for launch, noting that the American manipulation of human values is evident in its position and the statements of its officials regarding the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, as the American colonial entity does not pay attention to the thousands of victims and martyrs who rise as a result of Israel's horrific crimes and its officials disavow all questions about the Israeli occupation entity's violation of international laws, but it pays lip service to these laws and claims to be keen on them When it comes to Ukraine, for example.

Johnston pointed out that this duality is fixed in America's policy, regardless of the president in the White House or the party that controls the reins in Congress, as the crimes committed by Washington's allies such as the Zionist entity are not important, but are obfuscated, ignored and even justified.

Johnston pointed out that the policy of complicity of the United States with the crimes of its allies, led by "Israel", is fixed and clear, and was summarized by a US official in the administration of former US President Donald Trump in a leaked secret note addressed to the then US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, where this official acknowledged that human rights are only a weapon used by Washington to keep the countries of the world under its command, pointing out that the United States condones the violations committed by Washington's allies, but uses the card of rights and freedoms to exploit countries that violates it.

Bassima Kanoun

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