Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov stressed that the new package of US military aid to Kiev is nothing but a "calming pill for the Kiev regime, which is on the verge of complete collapse."

"The tragic symbolism of Washington's actions is that the authors and ideologues of the anti-Russian campaign make it clear to the Ukrainians that they are still in the game, and the bets are still on them, when in fact these weapons will shed the blood of thousands of people," Antonov said in a statement quoted by RT, explaining that there is only one important thing for the US military-industrial complex is to make a profit from the "Ukraine project."

Antonov noted that the Pentagon announced its "gift on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the events on the ground in Kiev, i.e. the coup d'état in 2014," stressing that it is important for the West to realize that defeating Russia, which defends its national interests and ensures security, is impossible.

He pointed out that any supply of Western weapons to the territory of the former Soviet Union is "a prolongation of the suffering of the bankrupt Kiev regime."

The Pentagon announced a new $100 million package of US military aid to Kiev, including anti-tank weapons and missiles for air defense systems.

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