A picture and a comment. Birds, water and stunning nature

Black-necked cranes hunt in a reserve in China. A.B

Black-necked cranes are endemic to the Tibetan Plateau and are a species in the WWF Yangtze River Basin Ecological Zone. In summer, the crane lives at extremely high altitudes, usually between 3000,4900 and 11,<> meters, in the central and northern Tibetan plateau, nesting in high-altitude wetlands throughout Qinghai and the Northern Tibet Autonomous Region, as well as in the vicinity of Qinghai Province, Xinjiang, Gansu, western Sichuan, and the Ladakh region of India. In winter, they migrate south, where about two-thirds of the estimated <>,<> cranes spend the winter on farmland in the valleys of the Yarlong Tsangpu River and its main tributaries in the south-central Tibet Autonomous Region.

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