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Sang-byeong case, there is evidence against it... National Investigation Required

■ Broadcast: SBS Kim Tae-hyun's Political Show (FM 103.5 MHz 7:00 ~ 9:00) ■ Date: November 21, 2023 (Tue)
■ Presenter: Attorney
Kim Tae-hyun
■ Appearance: Park Ju-min, Senior Vice Leader of the Democratic Party of Korea

▷ Kim Tae-hyun: This is an inner view time to listen to the in-depth stories in the news.
In addition, Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the Democratic Party, reportedly said that a red team is needed within the leadership. This is because of the so-called publicity banner controversy of degrading youth. Let's talk about what kind of change this will bring about with Park Ju-min, senior vice leader of the Democratic Party of Korea. Hello.

▶Jumin Park : Hello.

Kim Tae-hyun : This is actually the case in the election camp, the president's office, the political party, and there is always a lot of talk about the red team.

▶Jumin Park : Yes, the red team.

▷Kim Taehyun : You raise opposing issues and play this kind of team role. Why did CEO Lee Jae-myung bring up the red team now?

▶Jumin Park : First of all, I would like to say that this is what you mentioned at the highest level of secrecy.

▷Kim Taehyun : Talking about the Red Team?

▶Jumin Park : The story of the Red Team. But I didn't get into the top of the list yesterday. I haven't heard it myself. So please understand that I have no choice but to make more corrections.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Yes. Park Ju-min : There was a slight lack of screening in the process of issuing the official notice about the draft promotional banner that was in question.

▶ So I think you're saying that you need people who can screen you and people who have a different point of view. I think this expression in the leadership is very vague as to what level it is. I didn't get into the closed-door Supreme Committee, but I didn't talk about this when I talked to you after the closed-door Supreme Committee. I don't think he's one of the Supreme Council members. I think it would have been better to have people with different colors and different perspectives on the line of making policy decisions.

Kim Tae-hyun: The media's attention, actually, this youth promotional banner is an admission of a mistake by the Democratic Party.

▶Jumin Park : Yes. ▷ Kim Taehyun : Actually, if you pay a little more attention, you can catch it even if you don't have a red team.

▶Jumin Park : That's right. In fact, I only need one person to take a closer look at the proposal proposed by the company, but the company asked for it, and I didn't have much time, so I left. I think it was something that the red team could have caught without it.

Kim Tae-hyun : So it's not just me, but the media is interested in talking about this red team, because you're talking about people who have a different texture and a different perspective. Now, within the Democratic Party, people who have a different texture than Chairman Lee Jae-myung and the leadership, and people who have different perspectives, are screaming, and they want to be called the innovation world. Why are you smiling?

▶Jumin Park : No, well.

▷ Kim Tae-hyun : I can think of the four lawmakers from the Principles and Common Sense Party. For example, one of these four members of the Principles and Common Sense Party shall be the head of the red team. Am I going too far with this? So far?

▶Jumin Park : I don't know. As I said before, I haven't heard it myself, so I'm just speculating on it, so I hope you'll take that into consideration. Well, I don't think there are people who judge them like this. There are people who should never be something, no one is judging you like this, so you can play a lot of different roles.

▷Kim Taehyun : Then, for example, the real innovation world, you want me to call you the innovation world. I want you to look at one of the four Reformists in a different light in order to balance the party, the head of the Red Team. How can you do this?

▶Jumin Park : I'm a little confused because you keep asking me about the red team. Because I haven't heard it myself.

▷Kim Tae-hyun : Then, what is your personal opinion?

▶Jumin Park: As I said, I don't think anyone thinks that they shouldn't play a role in the party. That's why you added assumptions to the form you really mentioned, and that kind of team was created, or you could be in charge of that kind of team. Or I guess we could have somebody who could play a role in some kind of policy line, and it's all open. So these are people who shouldn't do it, they don't have people who say or think they shouldn't do anything.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Are you saying that it is possible?

▶Jumin Park : Yes.

▷ Kim Taehyun : What do you think about the gathering of principles and common sense?

▶Jumin Park : It's natural that there are various voices within the party. What other voices do they haveHow can you say that, you have a variety of voices. By the way, Rep. Ko Min-jung mentioned it in an interview once. What you said is that there are so many pending issues right now, and there are many areas that we have to play a role in as an opposition party, so is it really desirable for the issues and agendas to be concentrated within the party? So, when you raise any agenda or issue like that, it's good for them to bring up issues within the party, but you also want them to bring up issues that are necessary for the opposition to play a role. I'm a little bit like that.

Kim Tae-hyun : Since you want me to call you an innovation member, what do you think is the principle and the goal of the common sense group? For example, do you see it as a call for change in the Democratic Party through intra-party democracy and intra-party innovation, or is it a justification for the so-called defection from the party?

▶Jumin Park: Well, it's hard to say that these people are moving with the idea of leaving the party right now. These are people who have been talking before, in a lot of different fields. I think you're trying to make those voices a little more comprehensive.

Kim Tae-hyun: You won't leave the party yet, will you?

▶Jumin Park: Yes.

Kim Tae-hyun: So the idea of democracy within the party, and the innovators, they are talking about preventing Chairman Lee Jae-myung from becoming a party, but it will stop there?

▶Jumin Park : You've made a lot of claims, and you're just repeating the arguments you've made so far. So I think it's a kind of thing where you repeat what you've been saying before, and then focus on something.

Kim Tae-hyun: What do you think Rep. Lee Sang-min will do?

▶Jumin Park: Congressman Lee Sang-min?

Kim Tae-hyun : Yes, I was scheduled to meet with Innovation Chairman In-Yohan in Daejeon today and give a lecture on the power of the people.

▶Jumin Park: I don't think anyone in the party is pushing Rep. Lee Sang-min, so I don't know why they keep pushing him away. Anyway, let's talk about whether you have any regrets.

Kim Tae-hyun: Do you think he will eventually leave the party and go to the people's power?

▶Jumin Park: Well, I haven't had a chance to talk to Rep. Lee Sang-min recently. So I don't know what you're going to decide.

Kim Tae-hyun : If you look at what came out of the principles and common sense meetings, it seems that there is talk that about 20 or 30 people in the party can be gathered. In fact, do you think that there are some members of the so-called screaming system who think that if they make a mistake, it would be dangerous if they were nominated for a personal name, and that they should leave?

▶Jumin Park: It's been about a month and a half since I became the senior vice president of the Senate. So we have to contact a lot more members of Congress than we normally would.

▷Kim Taehyun : That's right.

▶Jumin Park : That's why we have a lot of contact and we also have a lot of work-related meetings. Do I actually need to get rid of something like you just said? Isn't it too hard for the nomination? I've rarely seen people talk about this. Many of the lawmakers I've met recently have to do something during the regular session of the National Assembly, and they have to take care of these things, but they've been asking me a lot of these things. In light of that, I think you are now achieving results through legislative activities and local activities, and the party is also achieving results and concentrating on these things. Inevitably, when the election is closer, we have to accomplish something, and we focus more on that. Anyway, it was such a natural atmosphere. That's why I don't think it's like you're saying that 20 or 30 people are worried.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Really? It is unlikely that it will expand further from the four principles and common sense?

▶Jumin Park : That's how I see it.

Kim Tae-hyun : I've seen a lot of talk in the media about Rep. Jeon Hae-cheol and former Representative Hong Young-pyo.

▶Jumin Park : I don't know. I've been on the phone with Rep. Jeon Hae-cheol a few times lately because of work, but I couldn't get that feeling.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Really?

▶Jumin Park: Yes, in the case of Rep. Jeon Hae-chul, when I asked him to come in to organize a few things, he ordered a lot of things of one kind and another.

Kim Taehyun : So you think it's unlikely that the group will grow to more than four people?

▶Jumin Park : That's how I feel.

Kim Tae-hyun : What is Chairman Lee Jae-myung's position on the meeting? Because there's no mention of it at all. For example, I don't say I'm going to keep the story in mind, or that it's wrong, or anything like that. I was curious to know what you think.

▶Jumin Park: I think you see it as just one of the various voices in the party.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Really?

▶Jumin Park : Whether it's in public or private, I do it twice or three times a day, but you never mentioned anything in particular during the process. When you see that, I think you think it's just one of the many voices in the party.

▷ Kim Taehyun : I see. Are you pushing for the impeachment of President Yoon Suk-yeol?

▶Jumin Park: Let me make it clear that there is nothing under consideration within the party.

▷Kim Taehyun : So that's the personal opinion of Rep. Kim Yong-min and Rep. Min Hyung-bae, who were at the book concert a while ago?

▶Jumin Park : Yes, I think you can look at it that way.

▷Kim Taehyun : But you talk about things like this. After all, it's not a simple matter to bring up the impeachment of the president.

▶Jumin Park : But they've been out for a few months.

Kim Tae-hyun: There is a view that the leadership is just acquiescing because there is no restraint or anything like that that if the party is not going to officially pursue it, it would be better not to mention it.

▶Jumin Park: So I think that the nuance of the word acquiescence might be a bit of a promotion or something like that, but that's definitely not the case.

▷ Kim Taehyun : It's not my view. Some of the media's views.

▶Jumin Park : Some media views are not propaganda or implicit encouragement, or something like that, and they ask me a lot of questions. Not at all. I'm talking to them personally. In fact, as far as I know, in the case of Rep. Kim Yong-min, he has been talking about it for a very long time, including his remarks at the rally. It's just personal, and I don't think that person thinks that way, but I think about it this way.

Kim Tae-hyun: If Rep. Kim Yong-min says let's push this forward as a real party theory, that's up to the House. He's the senior vice president of the House. How are you going to handle this?

▶Jumin Park : I don't think so?

▷ Kim Taehyun : Really?

▶Jumin Park : You have to come to me and do it, I don't think I'm going to do this.

Kim Tae-hyun : Then the reason why Rep. Kim Yong-min is doing this is because he thinks about it.

▶ I think that's what you think is necessary.

Kim Tae-hyun: But if it's really necessary, and I see Rep. Kim Yong-min's idea, we talk a lot about how we can win the general election with an anti-Yoon coalition. Then, if you really decide that this is good for the party, you can go to the House of Representatives and say, "Congressman Park, let's try this."

▶Jumin Park : If you come to me, I'll talk to you at that time.

Kim Tae-hyun: Why do you think it won't be officially put on the party's agenda like this?

▶Jumin Park: As I mentioned before, Rep. Kim Yong-min has been talking about this for quite some time. But he's a very friendly member of Congress. I've never done this before.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Really?

▶Jumin Park : Yes, but even so, I suddenly changed my mind and now it seems unlikely that I should do it.

Kim Tae-hyun : Then can there be some kind of personal political purpose? From Rep. Kim Yong-min's point of view.

▶Jumin Park : But that's my opinion. He thinks he should do this, but he probably thinks that the possibility and acceptance of this is low at the party level, so he doesn't talk to me.

Kim Tae-hyun: Then, from the point of view of the senior vice leader of the House, is it very unlikely that this will really be pursued by the party?

▶Jumin Park : It hasn't been reviewed at all so far. What are you going to do in the future, I'm not some kind of prophet. In any case, it has not been reviewed.

▷ Kim Taehyun : I see. How about the impeachment of Minister Han Dong-hoon?

▶Jumin Park : It hasn't been reviewed.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Oh, is that too?

▶Jumin Park : Yes, there is no official discussion or anything like that.

▷ Kim Tae-hyun : But in the past, you said you were going to do it, but why?

▶Jumin Park: Because he always talks about impeachment.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Really?

▶Jumin Park: I'm impeached, I'm impeached, so I keep doing this.

▷ Kim Tae-hyun : Minister Han Dong-hoon?

▶Jumin : Yes, why are we doing that? And I thought to myself, no, if there's something illegal, I can impeach him. That's what impeachment is all about.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Well, that's right.

▶Jumin Park: That's what the Constitution says, and it's not a system that hasn't worked until now, but they keep impeaching me. Suddenly, President Lee Won-seok also impeached me.

Kim Tae-hyun: So that's what you're saying if Minister Han Dong-hoon is going to impeach, do it,

▶Park Ju-min : Did you say that once?

Kim Tae-hyun : So you think it's to raise your political status?

▶Jumin Park: That's why when I made a public statement, I told them to do their job at the Ministry of Justice or something else. No, well, everything in the personnel verification is going wrong now, especially if you buy 8.15, what the hell is this? Two months after he was pardoned, the police seized and searched him, and he was also pardoned for embezzlement, and the person who pardoned him in the name of saving the economy. Next, clickI pardoned the person who was accused of fraud, and he cheated again and became a national figure. Do your job right, I said. I'm not impeaching or impeaching. Isn't that what I said?

Kim Tae-hyun: Do you think Han Dong-hoon will run for the general election in the end?

▶Jumin Park : You used to be like a politician. I've said it many times. The minister should not do that. This is totally political. He is a politician who stands strongly on one side or the other among politicians. But I'm going to do real politics now.

Kim Tae-hyun: So from the Democratic Party's point of view, running for office is a procedure, right?

▶Jumin Park : I've always played a political role, so it's not new to me to do politics. It's nothing to be curious about.

Kim Tae-hyun: I don't know if it's right to ask what kind of countermeasures Minister Han Dong-hoon will take in case he comes to the plate. Do you have a strategy for that? Because on the People Power side, there seems to be a lot of expectation for Han Dong-hoon's role as minister.

▶Jumin Park: There was also division within the people's power.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Really?

▶Jumin Park : I think you should sort that out first.

▷ Kim Taehyun : What do you mean by divided?

▶Jumin Park: So some members of Congress, I'm not saying anything that I really don't have. Members of the People's Power Party, I meet quite a lot. Some members of Congress have a lot of expectations, as the media has said. Wow, I need to do something for you. Some members of Congress say, no, no. So I think those things need to be sorted out.

Kim Tae-hyun: So the MDP has not yet officially and internally calculated variables and such things when Minister Han Dong-hoon ascended to the presidency, so there is no strategy at all?

▶Jumin Park : I don't make such a judgment.

▷ Kim Taehyun : Oh, is that so?

▶Jumin Park : We're busy too.

▷ Kim Taehyun : I don't have time to worry about it.

▶Jumin Park : Yes. ▷ Kim Taehyun : I see.

Let's talk about this. Yesterday, the Democratic Party of Korea (MDP) said at a meeting of civic groups in the National Assembly that it should push for a national investigation into the Marine Corps' resignation. He said he sought the cooperation of the ruling party. Why do you think the ruling party has not been able to reach an agreement so far?

▶Jumin Park: Because the ruling party opposes it in principle. That's why investigations are being conducted, and some cases have already been prosecuted and trials are underway, so why do we need a national investigation, everything is going on properly. This is the basic position of the ruling party. By the way, as you can see from recent media reports, the military adviser has already sent a text message to the commander, can't he discipline the commander? I didn't send a text message to the Minister. It's just come out through media reports, and the basis of that media report is not that the text has already been seized as evidence in the investigation record. Isn't that a 180-degree difference from the government's explanation so far, or the exact opposite? However, since they are saying that such things have been properly investigated, that the investigation is being carried out properly, we should conduct a national investigation as soon as possible.

▷ Kim Tae-hyun : Do you plan to pursue a special prosecutor?

▶Jumin Park: The special prosecutor has already burned the fast track. By the way, the special prosecutor, as you know, even if you put it on the fast track, doesn't it automatically take time for this bill to be presented to the plenary and passed? That's why we're insisting on a national investigation in the intervening period. As I said before, there is clearly evidence that is contrary to what has been claimed, but the case is already going in that direction, in the opposite direction. Aren't you just going hard to speed up with your protests?

Kim Tae-hyun: What is the ruling party's position? You won't cooperate at all?

▶Jumin Park: As I said before, investigations have already been conducted, and some cases have been prosecuted and are being tried, but what kind of investigation is this? It's frustrating for us.

Kim Tae-hyun: From what I can see, it is known that Representative Hong Ik-pyo emphasized that "the special prosecutor and the national investigation are the only key to unlocking the truth." If the ruling party continues to maintain its stance so far, is there any countermeasure for the MDP?

▶Jumin Park: So, you know that it's a special prosecutor, but since we have a fast track, if it takes some time, we can automatically bring it up to the plenary session, and even if it's late, we can activate the special prosecutor. However, there is a lot of time in between the national investigation, and the other side is speeding up the investigation and pushing the trial in the direction that they think. That is why we need a national investigation, and in the case of a national investigation, we need your cooperation very much. This is because if you submit a request for a national investigation, the Speaker must proceed with the subsequent procedures before the investigation can begin. So, if necessary, we will have to ask the Chairman to be really tough. I'm still doing it. But we need to raise the level a little more.

▷ Kim Taehyun : I see. That's where we're going to end today's interview. Until now, he was a member of the Democratic Party. I appreciate it.

▶Jumin Park : Thank you.

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