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Video of the killing of two Israeli women during the October 7 attack

Three Hamas militants caught on security cameras in Alumim, a kibbutz in the south of the Jewish state. According to the Times of Israel, the victims had fled the rave that had been stormed earlier


This video, released on November 20, shows Hamas militants killing two Israeli citizens on October 7 near Kibbutz Alumim in the south of the country. The video, apparently from security cameras, was taken by the Times of Israel, according to which some Israelis had arrived at that kibbutz in the morning after escaping the massacre carried out by Hamas at the rave in Reim, a few kilometers away from the place. There, according to the Israeli newspaper, they were surprised by Hamas, which in the meantime had arrived in Alumim: "People tried to flee but the terrorists caught up with some of them. One woman can be seen killed by Hamas terrorists, while a second crouches on the ground in fear. The terrorist shoots at the woman and other people."

video from Telegram @southfirstresponders