The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) today criticized the decision of the United States to sell missiles to Japan and South Korea, calling it a dangerous act that increases tension in the region and leads to a new arms race.

Asked about the fact that the United States has decided to sell the latest weapons to Japan and South Korea, the DPRK Central News Agency quoted a DPRK defense ministry official as saying that Pyongyang will strengthen deterrence measures and respond to instability in the region, warning that the more the United States gains from indiscriminate arms sales, the higher the price it will pay for the security crisis.

The United States is creating ongoing instability in the Korean Peninsula region through a clear increase in strategic nuclear assets and large-scale aggressive joint military exercises, and continues to rearm Japan and South Korea, showing that the threat to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula comes from the United States and its proxies.

The United States' irresponsible display of lethal weapons is the crime of exporting confrontation and war in an effort to maintain its unchallengeable position at the expense of destroying world peace and stability, he said, stressing that unilateral arms mobilization beyond self-defense will urge others to strengthen their military forces to respond to such a military move.

Pyongyang will work to strengthen the building of war deterrent to enhance its national strategic integrity, firmly control and manage the regional situation to counter instability on the Korean Peninsula caused by military conspiracy and complicity by the United States and its proxies, he said.

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