Up 19.7% over last year

Dubai Municipality completes 9700,<> requests for the disposal of volumetric waste

  • 100% happiness of customers with volumetric waste disposal service. From the source

  • Saeed Abdul Rahim Safar: Eliminating negative practices harmful to the environment and public health is the most prominent benefit of the service.


Dubai Municipality has completed 9696,19 requests for the disposal of volumetric waste since the beginning of this year, an increase of 7.<>%, compared to last year.

The Acting Director of the Waste Operations Department, Eng. Saeed Abdul Rahim Safar, explained to "Emirates Today" that the number of applications that have been completed since the beginning of this year amounted to 9696,7782 requests until the end of last October, compared to 19,7 requests during the same period last year, an increase of <>.<>%, noting that this increase came due to the institutional marketing efforts of this community service in many media channels, in addition to the efficiency of the municipality's field teams to complete requests submitted by the public.

He added: «One of the most important benefits that result from this service is the elimination of negative practices that harm the environment and public health, represented in the accumulation of volumetric waste such as used household furniture, electrical appliances and electronics, promoting a culture of separating waste from the source, and increasing public awareness of the importance of proper disposal of waste, knowing that this service does not include waste that results from operations (maintenance in homes, agricultural waste, bathroom sinks and toilets)».

With regard to the types of volumetric waste allowed to be transported, the service is intended for furniture, electrical and electronic appliances, while the waste not covered by the service includes waste resulting from home maintenance operations, in addition to toilet supplies such as toilets and bathtubs.

He said: "Dubai Municipality has developed this quality service in line with the government's directives, aimed at enhancing the distinguished position occupied by the Emirate of Dubai in the field of service and environment, and the happiness of the community, the municipality allows individuals to apply for the "Volumetric Waste Disposal Service" through the municipality's application and call center, which is one of the free services provided by Dubai Municipality to the public, to contribute significantly to maintaining the aesthetic and civilized appearance of the city, as this community service provided by Dubai Municipality is one of the The most important initiatives and services that are provided to the public with ease and efficiency, as they are available to individuals living in the Emirate of Dubai (except for real estate development zones and free zones) through the unified application of Dubai Municipality."

The team specialized in this service works from Sunday to Friday, in the morning from five in the morning to 11:00 in the morning.

The Acting Director of the Waste Operations Department stated that the volumetric waste collected from the city is used through companies specialized in recycling, which in turn sort, reuse and recycle most of the waste.

He pointed out that the happiness rate of customers with the volumetric waste disposal service is 100%, because the work teams complete all incoming requests efficiently and quickly, and to facilitate senior citizens and people of determination, they can apply for the service easily by calling 800900.