• Around the luminous Rosa played by Ariane Ascaride, the people of Marseille are organizing after the collapse of buildings in April 2023.
  • In "And the Party Continues!", Robert Guédiguian speaks of disillusionment but above all of solidarity and love.
  • We are happy to see his gang again in this film full of hope.

It's all in the exclamation mark! In And the Party Goes On! by Robert Guédiguian looks the future in the face without sinking into despair. It features the filmmaker's usual gang (Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Gérard Meylan) and his more recent additions (Lola Naymark, Alicia Da Luz Gomes, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet). We are in the aftermath of the building collapses in Marseille in April 2023. You always get that comforting feeling of reuniting with old friends with whom you put the world to know (and there's work to be done).

"I have this idea of a troupe that the audience follows and that, according to what they tell us at the end of the previews, feel at home with us," Robert Guédiguian told 20 Minutes. Everything revolves around Rosa, a "righteous" woman as the filmmaker describes her; "A woman like many others," says Ariane Ascaride. This luminous sixty-year-old is a widow, caregiver, mother, grandmother and still finds time to campaign for a fairer society and then to find the love she no longer expected.

A lot of tenderness in the face of adversity

"I don't have an apocalyptic vision of the future," says Robert Guédiguian. Even if everything is done to crush us, I still believe in solidarity initiatives and in the resources of humanity. The filial love that binds the "last communist" of Marseilles to an exhausted young caregiver, like the struggle of associations to help the poor, is counterbalanced by the inability of the left to unite for the common good. "I prefer the word 'hope' to 'hope'," insists Ariane Ascaride. It is essential not to give up. »

Hence the famous exclamation in the title. "I thought my film would be more joyful," says Robert Guédiguian, "but I wanted to keep the dynamic side of the ongoing struggle." Joy, discouragement, but also humour and tenderness carry the heart of a spectator who feels total empathy with these generous women and men.

And also in Marseille

If you're passing through Marseille, a superb exhibition, open until January 14 at the Friche la Belle de Mai, is the result of the filmmaker's collaboration with journalist Isabelle Danel. It is entitled Robert Guédiguian, With the Conscious Heart. If the party continues, here's something to keep it going.

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