Occupied Jerusalem-SANA

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of martyrs and wounded in Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, due to power outages, fuel loss and lack of medical supplies, has risen to 40, including 3 children, noting that the occupation is still besieging the complex and targeting anyone moving inside or around its yards.

The ministry explained that the situation is catastrophic in the complex amid the loss of food, water, fuel, medicines and all the necessities of life, which threatens the lives of more than 1300,10 medical staff, the sick and the wounded, and about <>,<> displaced people present in the complex, pointing out that it appealed to UN and international institutions to intervene and evacuate them and save their lives, but without any response.

The ministry indicated that the decomposition of the bodies of the martyrs that are spread in the corridors of the complex and the accumulation of garbage in it threaten the spread of epidemics, which will worsen the situation, noting that under the fire of the occupation, at least 179 bodies, including the bodies of 7 premature children, were buried in the campus of the complex, which turned into a mass grave due to the occupation preventing them from being removed from the complex for burial.

The ministry reported that international institutions have turned their backs on more than 900,<> Palestinians in Gaza and its north, including health and service institutions for the displaced, who are without the slightest necessities of life.

Mohammed Zaqout, director general of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, explained that the occupation is waging an open war on the Gaza Strip's hospitals, and 25 out of 35 hospitals were taken out of service due to the shelling and the occupation prevented the entry of fuel and medical supplies.

Zaqout pointed out that the remaining hospitals in service have become completely unable to absorb the huge numbers of wounded, which requires the intervention of international organizations to pressure the occupation and transfer them for treatment outside the Gaza Strip, pointing out that ambulances, the wounded and the sick cannot reach hospitals in Gaza and its north, and hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip have begun to be out of service due to running out of fuel.

Zaqout pointed out that the occupation promotes lies and incitement campaigns in preparation for the destruction of hospitals and the killing of those in them, reiterating the call on the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to be present in hospitals to protect them and expose the lies of the occupation.

In turn, the director of Al-Helou Hospital in Gaza explained that the occupation tanks are surrounding more than 100 patients and medical staff in the hospital amid a very difficult situation, demanding the provision of a safe way to deal with emergency cases.

The Palestinian Red Crescent pointed out that the occupation continues to besiege Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza amid the loss of water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel, indicating that signs of mold began to appear on the wounds of some of the injured in the hospital and demanding international pressure on the occupation to evacuate them.

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