On Friday evening, a few hours after the end of the NRJ Music Awards ceremony broadcast on TF1, Matt Pokora went on a rant on X, then on Instagram. The man who had just won his sixteenth trophy in this competition had every reason to be happy, but a shadow on the board spoiled the party: the announcement of his victory in the French-speaking tour of the year category, relegated to the end credits.

Enough to be disappointed, given the grandiose show of his Epicentre Tour, which marks the 20 years of the artist's career. But above all, for the singer, a slap in the face for those who "waited 3 hours and 30 minutes in front of their TV to know the result and who discovered it in the credits at the end of the ceremony."

"As if the category didn't exist"

Guest Monday of the show Télématin, on France 2, the singer returned to his rant by putting things in context. "We were announced on the end credits. So, I understand that 'tour of the year' means that all the title contenders were on tour, so out of the nine nominees, I think it was only Bigflo and Oli who were there," he began.

Nevertheless, for Matt Pokora, the way in which the category, in which Juliette Armanet, Angèle and Soprano also competed, was treated is incomprehensible. "It's still a very important category, when you see the nominees that there were in this category, without any pretension, I think it was the category with the biggest names in it. For me, it was very frustrating to think that there wasn't even an oral announcement that was made saying: "The artists aren't here, you can imagine that they're on tour so we're just going to announce the winner". At least that," he lamented.

According to the proud father of two young children with Christina Milian, "It's as if the category didn't exist. We ask an audience to mobilize for a month, people wait, whether it's my audience or the other artists' audiences, and we announce it to them like that. »

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