A flying taxi in New York,
United States, has taken part in a test flight. The electrically powered taxis can cover a distance that would take 30 minutes by car in about seven minutes, and the company plans to start full-scale operation in two years at the earliest.

This reporter will tell you.

A helipad in the lower part of Manhattan, New York
, United States.

A small helicopter with multiple propellers rises into the sky.

This is a test flight of an electrically powered vertical take-off and landing air taxi.

It can carry one pilot and four passengers, and has a top speed of 7 km/h.

From the lower part of Manhattan, which takes more than 2 minutes by car, you can reach JFK International Airport in 1 minutes.

It's the first time an electric air taxi has flown over New York.

[Vibbert, CEO of an airtaxi company: This is a 'game changer', it is very quiet when it operates, so it can take off and land in many places around cities like New York.]

The manufacturer has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and is conducting test flights, and said it plans to enter full-scale commercial service as early as 4.

Like Uber taxis, it is promoting a ride-sharing service that calls air taxis with an app as a business model.

New York City has announced that it will build a facility at a Manhattan heliport to support the operation of air taxis.

It is to build a new transportation system, including air taxis.

[Adams/New York City Mayor: We will create the nation's first air taxi infrastructure and reimagine a new hub for sustainable transportation.]

With air taxis being piloted at next year's Paris Olympics, the competition to preempt the "transportation of the future" is getting hotter and hotter.

(Video editing: Shin Se-eun)