Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza early last month, we have been recording every day an unprecedented threshold in the barbaric brutality recorded in the history of the peoples of the Zionists at various levels amid silence, indulgence or suspicious international inaction, and with the encouragement of Western Governments, which rushed to send terrifying shipments of weapons to kill more children and mothers and demolish homes on their inhabitants in Gaza.

To get things right and start from the beginning, the issue is between an unarmed people whose land was occupied and displaced by force of arms, so they tried from their places of refuge, camps and open and besieged prisons to cry out a cry of pain trying to prove the right to exist, so American aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines moved, more planes and tanks were shipped, and the West, which claims to protect the human rights, allowed the Zionists to use internationally banned phosphorus bombs against civilians in Gaza and southern Lebanon, aiming to kill as many Palestinians as they defend. of their land with their living flesh and their faith in their land. The imposition of this completely unbalanced equation has begun to break one threshold after another of the thresholds of brutality prohibited by international legitimacy, international humanitarian law and the laws of war, where the wounded were killed by bombing hospitals, press houses, food stores, schools, churches, mosques and everything related to human life in conditions of aggression on the one hand and self-defence on the other.

This is the first time that I have witnessed a war that makes hospitals, the wounded, shelters for the displaced and reporters a primary target, without the world moving a finger and without the world of Western media, which established the world and did not stop it about what happened in Ukraine, while remaining silent about the most heinous crimes committed against the sick, wounded, defenseless, children, women and the helpless. Meanwhile, the Western media continue to express its shameful support for the racist occupation army committing war crimes that take all these lives and target anyone in the West who dares to speak the truth or take a stand against injustice, even if it is just a media position that does not change the equation on the ground in favor of the victims of the West among unarmed civilians.

After the Israeli aggressors committed hundreds of massacres against Palestinians and killed thousands of children, mothers and women, Western officials begin to talk timidly about the need not to target civilians and call for a truce for only hours! The question that comes to my mind today is why do we read anymore or watch a Western media that has no word or position other than supporting war crimes and standing by them and many others on the side of criminals against human rights and humanity? Why do we hear those who consider themselves Western leaders and officials after they have shown that their human rights reports and hypocrisy in their speeches and statements about freedom have no value? They have no conscience to support the oppressed or deter the oppressor from going too far as the oppressor is a Zionist war criminal supported by the money of the lobbies in the elections, but they provide the oppressor with all the reasons and tools of brutal murder because they do not dare to do anything contrary to Zionism, which controls the centers of power in the West, including money, media and intelligence, so that they do not get out of the circles of decision and power.

Another unprecedented threshold is that world public opinion does not exist on the ground, as it cannot lift a finger or take a decision, even when a resolution is reached in the General Assembly, because the Security Council is practically paralyzed.

The question is: where do we live today and in what world? What we have witnessed in the vicious and dangerous Israeli aggression, the war of extermination against the Palestinian people and the ethnic and racial cleansing of the Palestinians shows that we live in a savage world governed by the Western law of the jungle, that survival belongs to those who possess all means of oppression and destruction, and that weapons and the show of force have succeeded in terrorizing others even from saying a word of truth, because phosphorous bombs today, not just the sword, are hanging over the heads of those who dare to declare a stand in support of the oppressed and the victims.

The other threshold is that the aggressors are working hard to kill their own prisoners so that they are not exchanged for Palestinian prisoners who have been imprisoned and oppressed unjustly for decades, and that one of the Israeli ministers who is a member of the aggressor prisoners calls for the bombing of Gaza with a nuclear bomb, and when asked about the prisoners, he said: It is a price that must be paid, that is, we hear again former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright talking about the killing of thousands of Iraqi children and saying: "The price was worth paying."

As I look at the faces of displaced families from north to south of Gaza, running in their thousands before the death machine catches up with them and covers their faces from the cameras, I say to them: you should not be ashamed of the cameras, but the eternal shame that the history and memory of peoples record on those who carry out all these brutal acts against your humanity, and the politicians in the West should be ashamed of what they have done and support the brutal apartheid regime and be ashamed of their lack of the slightest degree of humanity.

The other pressing question is: Why the meetings, discussions, resolutions, statements and condemnations if they are unable to save the life of a Palestinian child, a woman, a wounded or a refugee to the hospital from a ruthless bombardment? We have always known that hospitals, churches and mosques are the shelter to which people resort in times of war and aggression, but this aggression has broken all humanitarian and international taboos and still enjoys a phrase that Western officials are not ashamed to repeat, which is "self-defense" that they give to an arrogant power that decided to exterminate an entire people before the eyes and eyes of the Zionist Western world, a world that has proven its absolute helplessness and has worked to destroy the international system in order to remain the only pole that does not respect any International law and no institutions are able to take a position and ensure respect for these laws.

In the midst of all this injustice, helplessness and the law of the jungle, journalists, doctors, nurses, workers and workers worked day and night and under bombardment to save a child, woman or old man, and paid with their lives and the lives of their families for their noble positions. Honor is not a hollow word, but an example of the steadfastness of the people of Gaza, and that the hearts of Palestinians still beat with humanity and magnanimity despite all this tragedy that affected people, trees and stones, and despite the weakness and helplessness in a Zionist Western world that claims modernity, progress and innovation.

These unsung soldiers in Gaza who sacrificed themselves to save others are the only ones who deserve our respect, attention and gratitude, while official titles, fleets and hollow international centers have fallen off the mask and their miserable and shameful truth has emerged.

Syrian Al Watan Newspaper