03:50 19 September

The White House has not yet decided whether to provide ATACMS to Ukraine

The White House is discussing whether to send long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, but the decision has not yet been made. This was confirmed by the White House Strategic Communications Coordinator, John Kirby. Kirby himself said that there is a long discussion going on in the United States about supplying Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles, and this discussion is still ongoing. "The president has not said he will, but he continues to want interagency bodies, the Department of Defense, the State Department, the National Security Council to look at ATACMS. I'm not off the table," a White House official said.

03:20 19 September

Missiles and drones over the Ukrainian regions, fire in Lviv

Russian troops launched a combined attack on various regions of Ukraine. Late in the evening, a series of explosions occurred in Kharkiv and the use of ballistic weapons was reported. Immediately afterwards, explosions were heard in different regions, from Lviv, Odessa to Khmelnytskyi. During the night, an explosion was also reported in Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In Lviv, a fire developed in an industrial building hit by the debris of a missile intercepted by Ukrainian anti-aircraft.

02:00 19 September

Changing Russia's status in the Security Council will lead to a split in the UN

Changing Russia's status in the UN Security Council is impossible without dividing the world organization. This was stated to Tass by the First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky. The United States itself is aware that it is impossible to reform the UN Security Council without the consent of its members and the absolute majority of all the countries that make up the world organization, Polyansky continued, and attempts to do otherwise will lead to a split in the UN Security Council.

01:45 19 September

Ukraine is ready to take neighboring countries to court, over grain import embargo

Despite the European Commission's decision on September 15 to lift the embargo on domestic sales of Ukrainian agricultural products in five countries: Poland, Hungary and Slovakia continued their restrictions on Ukrainian imports, despite Ukraine's open trade agreement with the EU. Hungary has extended the embargo to 24 Ukrainian agricultural products, including vegetables, some meat products and honey. Poland has also expressed its intention to ban other products.

01:20 19 September

Volodymyr Zelensky visits Ukrainian soldiers in a New York hospital

After arriving in New York yesterday for the UN General Assembly meeting, President Volodymyr Zelensky visited wounded Ukrainian soldiers treated at Staten Island University Hospital. According to Ukrinform, nine soldiers who lost limbs in combat are currently being treated at the hospital. Today Zelensky will speak at the United Nations General Assembly, then he is expected to travel to Washington to meet President Biden and members of Congress.

00:00 19 September

RIA Novosti: 3 air targets were shot down over Belgorod Oblast

Russia's state-run news agency RIA Novosti wrote that air defense shot down three targets on the territory of the Belgorod region. Preliminary reports indicate that there were no injuries and that a power line in the Shebekinsky urban district was damaged, the head of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said on his Telegram channel.