The interview

Salvini and Le Pen agree on everything: away with migrants and beating socialists in Europe

5 Minutes of Bruno Vespa with Le Pen and Deputy Prime Minister Salvini, who agree on the overall vision on Europe: "We are allies", they say



Marine Le Pen says she "totally disagrees" with President Ursula von der Leyen, who said in Lampedusa: "Europe must decide who enters Europe". According to the president of the Rassemblement National, guest of "Cinque minuti", Rai Uno, "for three years he has been saying that the migration pact will transfer competences to European nations", and adds: "I believe it is a total violation of the will of the peoples of European nations".

Matteo Salvini presses: "From Europe on the immigration security front many words made zero. Giorgia Meloni does very well and does her best by touring Europe asking for protection for Italy; That said, individual countries must be able to protect their borders and the security of their countries by all necessary means."

Le Pen "I fight against the imposition of a model. As far as the future of Europe is concerned, I think we will find an agreement with Giorgia Meloni. There are many elements of agreement, even of disagreement, of course. But we are allies. Every country in Europe has the right to maintain its own diplomacy, but this does not create any difficulties."

Europe "was born to create well-being, not to complicate the lives of fishermen, farmers, taxi drivers," says the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini. "A united center-right that excludes no one, like the center-right that is changing Italy, is the only way to change Europe and send the
socialists home and not get into topics like synthetic steak or electric cars on which each state must be able to decide. So I totally
agree with Marine Le Pen," he adds.