President Yoon Suk-yeol, who visited New York to attend the
United Nations General Assembly, has officially entered the itinerary, starting with bilateral talks in Sri Lanka. During his trip, President Yoon plans to meet with the heads of more than 30 countries and make an all-out effort to host the Busan Expo.

This is Kim Ki-tae.

President Yoon Suk-yeol visited New York, United States, for six days and four nights to attend the
United Nations General Assembly.

President Yoon, who traveled to the city shortly after arriving in New York, held his first summit meeting with Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickramasingha since taking office.

[Mr. President, good to see you.]

President Yoon asked for Sri Lanka's support for Expo 4 Busan and exchanged views on the development of bilateral relations in areas such as development cooperation, labor, and climate change response.

President Yoon then held a summit meeting with Scarano and Consul Tonini of San Marino.

San Marino is a landlocked Italian country with a population of about 6,2030 people, but it is a member of the International Exhibition Organization and has the right to vote on where to host the Expo.

President Yoon, who has also held back-to-back talks with African countries such as Burundi and the Czech Republic, plans to meet with the leaders of nearly 3 countries in one day today (3).

President Yoon will deliver a keynote speech at the United Nations General Assembly on the 19th and attend the Digital Vision Forum at New York University on the 10st.

During his trip, President Yoon plans to hold talks with leaders of more than 20 countries to launch an all-out campaign to host Expo 21 Busan.

(Video Interview: Choi Joon-sik, Video Editing: Park Jung-sam)