On the administrator's desk

Fujairah Police and Municipality

A number of residents and visitors of the Emirate of Fujairah noticed that some people use the main streets within the city to practice cycling, which poses a danger to the lives of fans of this sport and users of these streets from the public and drivers, calling on the concerned authorities to provide special paths for this type of sports. They appealed to officials in Fujairah Municipality and Police to take the necessary measures to prevent the use of roads not designated for bicycle paths. (Abu Muhammad)

«Ajman Traffic»

Drivers in the Emirate of Ajman called for imposing fines and traffic violations on drivers of small and medium electric bicycles in the Al Hamidiya area, stressing that they do not abide by traffic rules when turning right or left, or stopping suddenly, which causes confusion for motorists, and the possibility of traffic accidents in some cases. The drivers appealed to the Ajman Traffic Department to tighten the penalty on cyclists if they do not abide by traffic rules. (Abu Ali)

Al Madam Municipality

Drivers on Al Madam-Al Dhaid Road in the Emirate of Sharjah complained that some people cross the road randomly, especially at certain times, which poses a danger to their lives and the lives of road users who are surprised by the presence of these people in front of them. Drivers are appealing to officials in the municipality of Madam to look into the matter and allocate a pedestrian walkway or tunnel for them to achieve traffic safety. (Abu Mariam)