Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov acknowledged that Ukrainian forces had completely lost their offensive capabilities and had now moved from a failed counterattack position to defense.

"The failed Ukrainian counterattack of Zelensky has dealt a painful blow to its forces, all because the Kiev regime has raised the expectations of its people and its Western allies too much, and now everyone in Zelensky's office is demanding that the General Staff achieve successes on the front immediately to inform Western partners," Azarov wrote on Facebook, according to Novosti.

Azarov noted that there is absolutely nothing to show partners even though Ukraine has consumed more than 50 percent of Western weapons, and during his counteroffensive the Ukrainian military lost at least a fifth of the weapons provided to it by NATO countries.

According to Azarov, Ukrainian forces are now moving from attack to defense, a worrying sign that confirms the complete loss of offensive capabilities.

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