Emirates Today. 18 years of keeping pace with the achievements of the state and serving the reader

On this day 18 years ago, specifically on the night of September 19, 2005, the editorial family of "Emirates Today" gathered, waiting for the publication of the first issue of the newspaper bearing the name of the homeland dear to all. The first issue was issued with a pledge that the newspaper would be the "voice of the street" and that it would support the citizen and resident in conveying his hopes, dreams and demands to decision-makers in all the emirates of the country.

Eighteen years have passed, and Emirates Today has remained on the covenant, its first concern is to convey the truth to the reader, and to reflect the pulse of the people of the country and residents on its land, adopting a professional approach in journalism that maintains accuracy, balance and objectivity.

A long march, in which the newspaper achieved several successes, proud of it, and kept pace with the achievements of the state in various fields, and devotion to it remained the beacon with which it guides and goes without hesitation.

During the course of 18 years, "Emirates Today" has been supportive of the country's efforts and the visions of its wise leadership in various fields, and a partner in the government's plans towards achieving development and development, and creating a bright future for a country that constitutes a unique model that simulates the best success stories in the world. As it enters its 19th year, the newspaper owes it to every reader who interacted with what it publishes on paper and digitally, and commented with praise, guidance or even criticism, and shares what it publishes through its digital platforms every minute, making it at the forefront of reading indicators locally and in the Arab world.

Thanks to this interaction, the newspaper has recorded nearly 51 million reads on its website since the beginning of the year, of which 27.5 million read locally, while the number of regular readers reached 15.7 million, and culminated in nearly four million and 400 thousand followers of its social media platforms.

And thanks to every official and decision-maker who appreciates the professional role of the press, accepts criticism, realizes its importance, and responds to what Emirates Today publishes, for his belief that it speaks for the reader, and expresses it, in the hope of making him happy, and achieving the country's vision in enhancing the quality of life.

A new year enters "Emirates Today" with great ambitions, based on the visions of Dubai Media Incorporated, to develop its paper pages, and expand the content it provides on its website and through its electronic platforms, especially its news services, to be ahead of time in transmitting the event.

With the first hours of the 19th year, Emirates Today renews its pledge to continue its march in the service of the nation, to exert its full efforts in support of the leadership's vision, and to always remain a faithful voice for the reader.