Faces difficult financial conditions and defaults on payment

76,<> dirhams ends Abu Shahed's suffering with rent arrears and saves him from prison

The circumstances of the life of «Abu Shahed» financial turned upside down, and put him in a position where he is unable to pay the arrears of rent for two years for the housing in which he lives with his family members in the Emirate of Ajman, has filed a lawsuit demanding him to pay the amount of arrears of 76 thousand and 445 dirhams, and appeals to «Abu Shahed» owners of compassionate hearts and white hands to extend a helping hand to him and help him manage the amount after he became threatened with imprisonment.

Abu Shahd explained his circumstances to Emirates Today, saying that he has been working in the country for more than 25 years, and lives a stable life free of difficulties and obstacles with members of his family, consisting of a wife and five children, and receives a monthly salary of 17,5000 dirhams, of which 2021,14 dirhams are paid in bank installments, while the remaining amount goes to housing rent, children's educational expenses, and the family's needs of food and drink. He continued: «In March of 76, my financial situation began to worsen, after my employer told me that it would restructure the sector, terminate the services of some employees and reduce the salaries of others, as I was among those who were chosen to reduce my monthly salary to 445,<> dirhams, which led to the accumulation of debts and obligations on my shoulders, and family problems and life obligations began to worsen day after day, bringing me the way to separation from my wife. My financial situation continued to deteriorate until I reached a stage where I became unable to pay the rental installments for housing, which amounted to <>,<> dirhams."

Abu Shahd said that he explained his deteriorating financial situation to the owner of the housing, to take into account his circumstances and give him a grace period to pay, and indeed gave him a short period to pay, but he was unable to provide even a small part of the arrears, and asked the owner to give him a new deadline, but he refused and all his attempts failed.

Abu Shahd tried to search for a solution to his problem and knocked on all doors, and took all roads, but all his efforts failed, and currently does not know how to get out of the impasse, appealing to the owners of compassionate hearts and good people to help him manage the value of rent arrears, and protect him from eviction and the dispersion of his family members from home.

• He has been accumulating debts and educational obligations for his children since 2021.