Includes salary, job, phone and email

«Pensions» calls on employers to update the data of the insured

The private employer shall submit to the Authority in January of each year an update on the salaries of his employees. From the source

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) called on employers to update the data of the employees specialized in completing work on their behalf, on the Authority's electronic systems, in addition to updating the insured's data in the Authority's systems, such as salary details and job title, and contact data such as address, phone number, personal email of the insured, place of residence, family book, passport, employment, social and health status.

She pointed out that updating the data is not only concerned with the mentioned data, but also extends to the completion of the current transactions of employers on the Authority's systems, whether these transactions are related to them or their insured, such as the completion of employer registration services or registration of the insured and payment of the due subscription, addition and purchase services, completion of end-of-service transactions, transportation service, health unfitness service, and other services that may be incomplete on the current system.

The Authority pointed to some information related to the payment of contributions, the most important of which is that the contributions of the insured in the private sector are paid during the year, based on the salary of the contribution account for the month of January of each year, and any increase in the salary of the insured's contribution account during the year is not taken into account, unless it is retroactive from the beginning of January of the same year, and if it does not go retroactively, it is considered in January of the following year, and in the event that one of the employees joined the service in the sector. After the month of January, his contributions are calculated on the basis of the month in which he joined until January of the new year, while the contributions of the insured in the government sector are calculated on the basis of the salary of the actual contribution calculation for each month.

The employer in the private sector shall submit to the Authority in January of each year, an update on the salaries of his employees for this month and their monthly contributions, and shall provide the Authority monthly with any changes in the number of his employees or their salaries, and in the event that these data are not submitted on the specified dates, the contributions shall be calculated on the basis of the last statement submitted to the Authority until the actual contributions due are calculated, noting that the date of payment of contributions is at the end of the month. Due until the beginning of the new month, and it is allowed to pay it until the 15th day of the month following its maturity. Regarding the payment of contributions in the event of vacations, the Authority indicated that in the event of paid vacations by the Authority, the insured and the employer shall be bound by each of them at his rate, while the insured shall pay the contributions in full for him and the employer in the event of other unpaid leaves, such as special leave to accompany one of the spouses to the other, study leave without pay and other leaves.