The scientific symposium "Traffic Safety is Everyone's Responsibility" organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Tishreen University today focused on the importance of concerted efforts of the traffic authorities to mitigate traffic accidents and the resulting human and material losses.

The seminar stressed the importance of integration between the traffic branch and the concerned authorities to implement traffic safety rules, the importance of signs and warning signs when carrying out road maintenance work, assessing the reality of traffic safety on the main road network, improving traffic in Latakia and developing infrastructure in city centers.

The Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Jamal Omran, pointed out in a speech during the symposium organized by the Faculty in cooperation with the Syrian Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents and the Lattakia Traffic Branch to the need to exchange experiences to enhance traffic safety as it is a national issue that should be paid attention to because of its impact on society, pointing out that scientific research at the university is interested in irrigated safety, and that the Department of Transportation and Transportation Engineering at the Faculty has completed many of these researches, and is in the process of benefiting from them and activating them on the ground.

For his part, the head of the branch of the Syrian Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents, Engineer Ahed Rajab, pointed out that traffic accidents are the third cause of death in the world, and that there are one and a half million deaths in the world and 18 million people with various injuries due to road accidents, pointing to the efforts made by the association to prevent traffic accidents in the field of comprehensive traffic awareness to reduce traffic accidents and carry out research on traffic problems in cooperation with the competent authorities.

For his part, a member of the Executive Office of the Transport and Communications Sector in the Provincial Council, Duraid Murtkoush, presented the reality of transportation and its obstacles in the city of Latakia, pointing to the measures taken by the governorate to allow vehicles to enter city centers in conjunction with university exams and preparatory and secondary certificate exams.

Firas Zarda

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