The President's Office held a security situation review meeting today (31st) in response to North Korea's launch of a space launch vehicle to the South.

The spokesperson's office said in a press release today that "a decision will be made on whether to hold a National Security Council (NSC) meeting as necessary."

It is reported that at the Security Situation Review Meeting, North Korea's launch trends were reportedly held, as well as a review of the ROK military's preparedness and consultation on countermeasures.

Earlier, the President's Office considered convening an emergency NSC meeting after it was determined that North Korea fired one projectile from the Tongchang-ri area at 6:29 a.m. today.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of National Security Affairs Secretary Cho Tae-yong, but left open the possibility that President Yoon Suk-yeol could attend and receive a briefing in the interim, depending on the status of the discussions.

However, as the first assessment of North Korea's launch attempt was not successful, it was changed to hold a security situation review meeting and convene the NSC if necessary.

Based on the results of the first analysis of the launch vehicle, it appears that a security situation review meeting was convened at the security level in view of its speed and efficiency.

It is necessary to systematically analyze and respond to the entire launch process.

According to military sources, the projectile disappeared from the radar without reaching the prognostic point of drop.

As a result, the military is reportedly analyzing the possibility that the launch vehicle exploded in mid-air or crashed into the sea, keeping in mind the possibility that the entire launch process failed.