The Justice Committee of the Chamber has concluded the vote on the amendments to the bill that declares gestation for others a universal crime, that is, punishable even if committed abroad.

In particular, an amendment by the majority was approved which provides for the punishability of Italian citizens only. Count the votes of the opposition. The formal green light, with the mandate to the rapporteur after the opinion of the other committees, will be given next week.

Satisfied the rapporteur Carolina Varchi (Fdi): "We have concluded the examination of the amendments with a small reformulation to the basic text. The prohibition of this practice that already exists has allowed it not to spread in Italy, with this law we extend the crime to conduct abroad convinced that this further prohibition will discourage the use of gestation practice for others and also procreative tourism ". Varchi also thanked the president of the commission Ciro Maschio: "On such a delicate issue, the wise organization of the president has avoided the time quota that would have exacerbated the debate".

In yesterday afternoon's session, the opposition, in particular the Democratic Party, had complained about the haste of the majority on the examination of the measure on which, despite being opposed, they had not implemented any obstructionism.

"As unfortunately expected, the majority rejected all the 5 Star amendments to the law on surrogacy with which we wanted to finally introduce full protection of the rights of all girls and boys. We proposed, and will propose again in the classroom, a range of solutions all designed in the best interests of children. But Italy is in the hands of an irresponsible majority that, in order to follow its ideological fury, tramples on people's rights and institutional responsibility", say M5S deputies in a statement in the Justice Committee.

"The priority of the right is to limit rights. Pnrr, flood, kindergartens, inflation come later, perhaps. Now their urgency is to attack rainbow families and their children: the frantic rush in the justice committee for a crazy law proves it. We will continue to oppose it." This was written on Twitter by Alessandro Zan, head of rights of the Democratic Party, in reference to the bill on surrogate motherhood.

"The absolute condemnation of all forms of surrogacy of maternity, as a form of commercialization of parenthood, detrimental to the dignity of women and children's rights" was reiterated by the government.

"The 'surrogacy of maternity' is a procedure that is carried out through rigid and vexatious contractual forms, necessarily of a commercial nature: even the so-called "altruistic" forms often mask payments in the form of reimbursement of expenses and / or indemnities and always provide for the obligation for the woman to transfer the child to the clients. With the paradoxical result that in these cases it is often only women who may receive less money, because the activity of artificial insemination centers, legal and contractual advice and biobanks still require the same payment". These are the words of the Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Roccella who, during today's question time, recalled that, "pursuant to Law 40 of 2004 "anyone, in any form, realizes, organizes or advertises the marketing of gametes or embryos or surrogacy of maternity is punished with imprisonment from three months to two years and with a fine from 600,000 to one million euros".

Although in several countries it is admitted - added the minister - we recall that in Italy, in addition to the law that qualifies it as a crime, the Constitutional Court has defined the uterus for rent as a practice that "intolerably offends the dignity of women and deeply undermines human relationships", through agreements that - I quote again from the Consulta - "involve a risk of exploiting the vulnerability of women who are in disadvantaged social and economic situations". Of similar opinion the Court of Cassation, which in civil joint sections spoke of "unacceptable commodification of the body, often to the detriment of the most vulnerable women on the economic and social level".