The results of >
Central Election Commission's own investigation into allegations of preferential hiring of
children by < anchors have been made public. After confirming the involvement of senior executives in the recruitment process, such as introducing their own children directly to human resources, four people were investigated.

This is reporter Park Chan-beom.

<Reporter> Song Bong-sup,
deputy secretary-general of the Central Election Commission, who was deposed today (4st) due to suspicion of preferential treatment in
the hiring of children.

Her daughter, a civil servant in Boryeong, was hired by the Danyang Mission in North Chungcheong in 31.

Before the application deadline, the names of the last two candidates for the examination were named, which raised suspicions of internal affairs, and an investigation by the Commission confirmed the improper involvement of Deputy Secretary General Song.

It turned out that he called the personnel staff of the Chungbuk and Danyang Missionary Commissions to check the career recruitment status and then personally introduced and recommended his daughter.

The daughter who was recommended in this way received a perfect score from all the interviewers and was hired.

New allegations have also emerged in the recruitment process for the children of General Secretary Park Chan-jin, who was also voted to be deposed today.

It was stated that after the interviewers completed the interview, they left the rating sheet blank and only ranked the interviewees and forwarded them to the HR staff.

The HR staff claimed that the interviewers had scored them to reflect their rankings, but even the Commission pointed out that it was a matter that needed to be clarified through an investigation.

Mr. Park personally approved the transfer approval documents for the children who went through this process.

The Audit Committee of the Board of Supervisors ordered an investigation into the allegations of recruitment irregularities against four people, including the two men, and demanded that the four employees who improperly handled the recruitment and promotion review process be handed over to the disciplinary committee.

While apologizing to the people, Election Commission Chairman Roh Tae-ak said,

"I feel a terrible heart and an infinite sense of responsibility.

He said he has no plans to step down.

The Auditor-General launched the audit, saying that the Commission's own investigation did not sufficiently address public suspicions.

The suspicion that the modern version of the writing system has become commonplace under the guise of being a constitutionally independent institution without any scrutiny is getting closer to the truth.

(Video Interview: Yoon Hyung, Video Editing: Yoo Mira, CG: Kim Han-gil, Lim Chan-hyuk, Moon Jung-eun)