In the trial against the left-wing extremist Lina E. and three other defendants, the Saxon Higher Regional Court in Dresden has imposed prison sentences of several years. The court sentenced the 28-year-old on Wednesday, among other things, for membership in a criminal organization to a prison sentence of five years and three months. The co-accused men received prison sentences ranging from two years and five months and three years and three months. The verdict was announced after almost 100 days of hearings.

For Saturday, the left-wing autonomous scene is calling for "Day X". The Leipzig police are expecting the largest police operation in two years. Since there are also calls for militancy and massive announcements of violence, the police are preparing "for an operation with a partly unpeaceful course with high potential for damage," the Leipzig police department said on Tuesday. In addition to the expected actions of the Left Party, major events such as the city festival and a concert by Herbert Grönemeyer are also scheduled in Leipzig.

For the "Day X", the left-wing scene has been mobilizing to Leipzig for a long time, according to the police, in some cases even throughout Europe. "Prepare yourselves well and come to Leipzig – together we will take our solidarity to the streets," the appeals on the Internet and social networks read.

Restricted right of assembly

In view of the danger forecast, the city of Leipzig on Tuesday restricted the right of assembly for the coming weekend. According to the general decree, public assemblies that relate to the content of the trial or the defendants and have not been reported to the assembly authority at midnight on May 31 are prohibited in the open air or participation in it.

"All the findings available to the Leipzig Police Department allow the prognostic conclusion that violent and violence-seeking persons will also travel to Leipzig and commit crimes," the police said. She appealed to the participants to ensure that it remains non-violent.

According to the police, a gathering has now been reported for Saturday. No information could yet be given on the route, possible conditions or even a ban, it said. It is in close coordination with the City of Leipzig as the responsible assembly authority.

The focus of operations will be on "Day X" in the entire city area. The Leipzig police chief René Demmler will personally take over the command of the operation. The police announced that filming would take place in the city area. Helicopters, loudspeaker cars and water cannons are to be used. Support from other federal states had been requested.

Since last week, the Leipzig police have been supported by a hundred riot police in order to prevent crimes before "Day X" – so-called resonance actions – as far as possible. This year, there have already been a number of arson attacks in Leipzig, which are attributed to the left-wing extremist scene.