When North Korea launched a so-called space launch vehicle today (31st), major foreign media outlets poured out urgent reports in unison.

Major news agencies such as AP and Reuters, citing an announcement by South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, urgently reported that North Korea had launched a space launch vehicle claimed by North Korea to the south.

Reuters reported that North Korea's launch of a space launch vehicle has triggered emergency and evacuation warnings for parts of South Korea and Japan.

Reuters reported that air raid sirens sounded across the capital, Seoul, at around 6:32 a.m. today, prompting the Seoul Metropolitan Government to alert citizens to prepare to evacuate.

Reuters, however, reported that the Seoul Metropolitan Government later re-informed that the alert had been sent by mistake.

AFP news agency quoted the Ministry of Public Administration and Security as saying, "The alert issued by the Seoul Metropolitan Government at 6:41 a.m. is a false order," referring to an emergency alert that was broadcast through mobile phones across Seoul after North Korea's launch of the space launch vehicle.

Following the South Korean military's announcement of North Korea's launch of a space launch vehicle, Japan activated a missile warning system in Okinawa this morning, AFP news agency reported.

Earlier, North Korea announced that it would launch a satellite between 31:0 on the 11st of this month and 0:<> on the <>th of next month.

The Associated Press noted that North Korea's satellite launch was seen as a cover-up of a missile test and a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions prohibiting the use of North Korea's ballistic technology.