The Syrian Arab People's Committee for Support of the Palestinian People and Resistance to the Zionist Project reiterated its commitment to continue providing all forms of support and assistance to the Palestinian people, leading to the liberation of their land and the guarantee of their right to return to their homes.

During its meeting today, chaired by Dr. Saber Falhot, the Committee stressed its support and support for the young men and women of occupied Palestine, especially in the Holy City, who confront the Zionist enemy with their steadfastness, and continue with determination and faith to confront it and its plans aimed at undermining their legitimate right to liberate their homeland and build their independent state with Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

The committee pointed to the importance of relying on young people as they represent hope for a better future, stressing the continuation of cultural activity in the face of projects that threaten the Arab national project and the forces of resistance and liberation.

It is noteworthy that the committee was established in 2001 after the second intifada in the occupied territories, with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance from the Syrian people to their Palestinian brothers in the occupied territories.

Ali Ajeeb

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