New Zealand's civil authority has asked Air New Zealand, the national airline, to conduct a rather special investigation. Until July 2, passengers on international flights taking off from Auckland will be weighed before boarding, reports BFM Business. This surprising initiative aims to collect data on the load and weight distribution in aircraft.

"We weigh everything that goes into the plane – from cargo to meals on board to checked baggage," an expert in improving the airline's load control said in a statement carried by CNN. "For customers, crew and carry-on baggage, we use medium weights, which we get by doing this survey," he adds.

No weight displayed

As part of this investigation, passengers must therefore stand on a digital scale at check-in. But the airline wants to reassure them: the data collected is anonymous in order to preserve the privacy of customers. In addition, no one can know their weight. This information will not be visible to either the person concerned or the registrar.

This is not the first time Air New Zealand has implemented such a procedure. A similar survey was launched in 2021 for domestic passengers. However, it was delayed for international flights due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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