A welcome boost. After the energy voucher for VSE-SMEs in the Paris region with less than 20 employees, aid for thermal renovation through the replacement of oil, wood or coal boilers and all aid for clean vehicles, the Île-de-France region must vote Thursday an aid of 250 euros, called "Energy Boost", for the most precarious Ile-de-France households to cope with the soaring energy blows.

This boost, to the tune of 45 million euros, provided for in the supplementary budget of 2023, will benefit 160,000 tax households. Ile-de-France residents will be able to apply for this aid via a platform posted on the Ile-de-France Region's website from 1 July. A simulator will also let them know if they are eligible. On average, household energy bills have increased by around 30% in 2023. This aid is conditional on a tax income less than or equal to 60% of the median regional tax income, i.e. EUR 14,802.

Aid financed by European funds

The Island of France was able to rely on European funds to dispose of the total sum. Thanks to a regulation published last February, which makes it possible to mobilise cohesion policy to finance the REPowerEU plan, whose objective is to achieve energy savings, produce clean energy and diversify energy supply sources, the European Union has been able to validate this "energy boost" for Ile-de-France residents. The regulation also aims to mitigate the effect of higher energy prices for vulnerable households.

Europe has a strong presence in Île-de-France, as evidenced by the results of the 2014-2020 programming: the European Social Fund has helped to support more than 33,000 business start-up project leaders, while the European Regional Development Fund has supported the thermal renovation of nearly 3,300 housing units and the support of more than 1,000 innovative companies. For the 2021-2027 tranche, the Île-de-France region has an envelope of €413.3 million in European funds, consisting of €235.6 million from the ESF, the European Social Fund, €177.7 million from the ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund and €40 million from the EAFRD, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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