A shocking case of animal cruelty occurred in Mexico.

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It is a road in the Tekamac region of central Mexico.

Two dogs are pacing on the sidewalk.

A man coming out of the building picks up a dog and throws it into the pot next to it.

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Oil was boiling in the pot, and the dog was reportedly struggling and dying within seconds.

The man who caused the dog's death is said to have done something terrible when he got into an argument with the butcher and walked out.

CCTV footage of the incident spread and public outrage grew, and Mexican authorities arrested the man on suspicion of animal cruelty.

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People reacted by saying, "How painful it must have been," "I don't think I'm human, I saw the devil," and "We should set an example with strong punishment."

(Image source: Twitter SALVEMOS A NEZA· fiscalia edomex· Puebla Innteres Magazine)