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As people lost their lives because they couldn't find
a place to get medical treatment, the government and the ruling party came up with additional measures. We decided to create a system to prevent patients with relatively mild symptoms from rushing to the emergency room and to quickly find hospitals where they can be treated.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae will explain the details.

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Last month, the government and the ruling party butted heads again over the "hit-and-run" fatality accident that occurred just one month after the announcement of measures to expand the severe emergency medical center.

He cited the fact that most emergency rooms are filled with mild patients as a key cause of the emergency medical crisis.

[Park Yong-yong/Chairman of the People's Power Policy Committee: We also need to change the sad reality that severe patients cannot receive treatment due to the influx of mild patients.

As a result, it was decided to move mild patients to make room for severe patients when beds are full, and to limit the treatment of mild patients to regional emergency medical centers.

[Park Yong-yong/Chairman of the People's Power Policy Committee: In principle, the emergency service will be required to transfer mild emergency patients to local emergency medical institutions or less, and it will be mandatory to secure (beds) allocation even if mild patients are excluded.]

We also decided to create a kind of control center so that the paramedics would not have to wander around looking for a hospital where they could be treated.

We plan to establish a system to check which hospitals have beds and medical staff from the moment they are put in an ambulance without having to make a separate call, and to establish a regional emergency medical situation room that directs and manages the entire process, so that hospitals cannot refuse patients who are transferred under the command of this place.

He also emphasized that he would speed up the expansion of medical manpower and strengthen support measures, such as giving priority to the allowances of doctors in severe emergency medical centers.

The People's Power has said it will actively work to amend relevant laws and expand budget support, but it remains to be seen whether it will be effective enough to prevent a repeat of the tragedy.

(Video reporter: Cho Chun-dong, Lee Chan-so, Video editing: Park Ji-in)

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