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The video from the Russian capital

Stunned, shocked: residents evacuated outside Moscow building hit by drone

The images published on social media, of Profsoyuzna street, where a UAV crashed into a residential building. Kiev attack in the morning, mayor: "No injuries"



Another video on Russian social media, showing the effects of the explosion of two drones on Moscow, the Russian capital hit by the Ukrainian attack in the morning, both UAVs were destroyed, but two buildings were damaged, with - in one case - the evacuation of residents.

The city and its region, located more than 1,000 km from Ukraine, have so far been targeted only very rarely by drone strikes since the beginning of the conflict, although this type of attack has multiplied elsewhere in Russia. In early May, two drones were shot down over the Kremlin, the seat of Russian power, in an attack attributed to Ukraine.

The governor of the Moscow region Vorobyov announced the work of the air defense forces. "Several drones were shot down during the approach to Moscow. I ask residents to remain calm. All emergency services are working," the official said. According to some sources quoted by the media, the explosive charge of the KZ-6 was carried by a drone that crashed into a skyscraper in Profsoyuznaya. The bullet flew into the apartment on the 16th floor along with part of the UAV. Such a charge pierces reinforced concrete slabs up to half a meter thick.