Japan issued an emergency evacuation order for residents of Okinawa Prefecture when the news of the launch broke at dawn today (31st), and then lifted the evacuation order a short time ago. Let's connect with the International Division to find out more.

Reporter Lee Sung-hoon: Tell us about it.

Japanese government has just lifted the emergency evacuation order issued for Okinawa Prefecture this morning.

About 30 minutes after issuing the emergency evacuation order, the evacuation order was lifted, saying, "There is no possibility of it falling into our country or passing through the air."

The Japan Sea Security Agency said it believed that a possible missile fired by North Korea had already fallen.

Earlier, the Japanese government said, "It appears that North Korea launched a missile at around 6:28 a.m.," and this morning issued J-Alert, a nationwide instantaneous warning system that transmits emergency information to local governments by satellite.

It also issued an emergency evacuation order for Okinawa residents, asking them to "evacuate inside buildings or basements."

The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported that the Japanese government reported that missiles could fall around Okinawa, and tensions rose at one point.

Japan's Defense Ministry says the projectile launched by North Korea is believed to be a ballistic missile, and it is gathering information to see if there is any impact on Japan.

The Japanese government is collecting relevant information from the Office of Countermeasures against North Korea set up at the Prime Minister's Residence.

Earlier, Japan said it would intercept missiles launched by North Korea if there was a risk that they would fall into Japanese territory.

To this end, it has deployed surface-to-air guided missile Patriot units in Okinawa Prefecture and deployed Aegis ships equipped with interceptor missiles to the East China Sea.