The activities of the workshop, held by the Directorate of Development Information at the Ministry of Information, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent at the Shahba Aleppo Hotel, focused on introducing the activities of the Red Cross and its fields of work during natural disasters and wars and in the protection of civilians.

On its first day, the workshop dealt with the activities of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the responses carried out by its teams to civilians during the war, by evacuating citizens from besieged places, bringing in medical and humanitarian aid, and during the earthquake disaster, and the first aid it provided, evacuating the wounded and injured, and delivering humanitarian and medical aid to shelters.

During his speech, Director of Development Media Ammar Ghazali pointed to the importance of the workshop in building and developing the capabilities of media professionals, and raising their skills for media coverage during disasters, by exchanging ideas and experiences about the earthquake disaster, and how to deal with it using data journalism that works to provide solutions, with the aim of simplifying information and transferring awareness to the masses through the media outlet in which the journalist works.

The head of the ICRC delegation in Aleppo, Kakhaber Khasaya, noted the role of the media in highlighting the efforts made to provide support to the most vulnerable communities and areas.

The director of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch in Aleppo, Hayel Assi, pointed out that this workshop is held annually in Aleppo, to introduce the humanitarian efforts that are provided to the needy during disasters, including the earthquake.

The spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria, Suhair Zaqout, explained the importance of the workshop to exchange experiences with journalists, and deepen communication with the Syrian society, noting the joint and field work with journalists during natural disasters, and in crisis and emergency situations to achieve appropriate media coverage.

The coordinator of the media committee of the Aleppo branch of the Red Crescent gave an overview of the types of response carried out by the branch and its volunteer teams during the war and in the earthquake disaster, in terms of providing humanitarian and medical assistance.

A number of media professionals participating in the workshop expressed its importance in providing them with the necessary information about media coverage during wars and natural disasters, including the earthquake, and achieving professional benefit in studying data journalism to deal with coverage of crises and natural disasters.

Qusai Razzouk

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