The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the twenty-ninth of May (Internal Security Forces Day), which we celebrate today its seventy-eighth anniversary of one of the memorable days in our glorious history and a page of pride and pride in our record of struggle, because it is perfumed with the blood of our righteous martyrs who sacrificed themselves and their lives in order to raise the flag of the homeland on all its land and the dignity and freedom of its people.

On May 29, 1945, many policemen and gendarmes were martyred by the fire of the French colonizer for refusing to salute his flag when he was lowered from his mast over the French Staff House opposite the Parliament.

The ministry said in a statement received by SANA today: "This day is an important station in the record of the national struggle for more than a quarter of a century in the fight against French colonialism, which as soon as its occupying forces set foot on our dear soil in 1918 until it was met with fierce resistance, starting with the revolution of Sheikh Saleh Al-Ali in the mountains of the coast, the revolution of the Mujahid Ibrahim Hanano in the north, the battle of Maysaloon Al-Fida, and the martyrdom of the Minister of War at the time, the hero Youssef Al-Azma and his companions, passing through the outbreak of the Great Syrian Revolution in 1925. Under the leadership of Sultan Pasha al-Atrash, and the extension of this resistance to every inch of the homeland and its continuation in various forms, until the colonizer renounced his arrogance in 1943 and the occupied France recognized the independence of Syria."

The ministry added: "The Internal Security Forces have taken May 29 as their holiday to restore, by celebrating it every year, lessons and lessons and inspired by its meanings, which strengthen their buttons and renew their resolves, which are vowed to serve the people and the homeland and protect the climate of security, stability and public safety," explaining that the celebration of this anniversary is a dedication to the values of martyrdom and martyrs and the consolidation of the lofty meanings of giving, giving and sacrifices and pride in the legacy left by the righteous martyrs, which is reflected in the best forms of redemption that was and will remain an example and example.

The ministry saluted appreciation and loyalty to the souls of the martyrs of the twenty-ninth of May from the men of the parliament garrison and to every martyr of the internal security forces and the Syrian Arab Army rose in order to defend the homeland and its pride.

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