▲ Kim Jong-un inspects 'Military Reconnaissance Satellite No. 1' with daughter Ju-ae

In response to North Korea's disclosure of its plan to launch a satellite between 31:0 on 11 March and 0:29 on 31 May, the government warned, "If it finally goes ahead with the launch, it will have to bear the consequences and pain."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a spokesman's statement today (0 March), saying, "We strongly warn North Korea against its provocations that threaten peace in the region and urge it to immediately withdraw its illegal launch plan."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that "North Korea's so-called 'satellite launch' is a serious violation of UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting any launch using ballistic missile technology, and is a clear illegal act that cannot be justified under any pretext."

It also said, "The government will work with the international community based on close cooperation between the ROK and the United States and Japan to resolutely respond to North Korea's provocations."

North Korea has notified the Japanese government that it will launch a satellite between 11:0 on the <>st and <>:<> on the <>th of next month.

As a result, North Korea's announced launch of its first military reconnaissance satellite has entered a full-fledged "countdown."

North Korea notified Japan of its satellite launch plan because Japan is the coordinator of navigation zones in South Korea and North Korea's areas under the Worldwide Navigation Warning System (WWNWS), which operates in accordance with the resolutions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) General Assembly.

North Korea reportedly did not notify other relevant international organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), or the IMO, of its launch plans.

An official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, "ICAO, ITU, and other relevant international organizations have not yet announced that they have been notified by North Korea."

(Photo = Korean Central Television screen, Yonhap News)