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Ukrainian drone against the Russian ship in the Black Sea: the new video released by the Kiev councilor

An unreleased video fuels the mystery of the attack on Ivan Khurs. The images would show that at least one of the drones managed to approach the Russian spy ship.


Twitter/Anton Herashchenko

According to the images, one of the marine drones approached the Russian ship Ivan Khurs, but it is not clear whether he managed to hit it. The video released by Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, fuels the mystery about possible damage to the spy boat. "The ship continues to perform its functions without mentioning its status. It seems that the third drone managed to damage the ship?", writes Gerashchenko. A "proof" - in fact not complete considering that the video stops - that in some way would contradict the statements of the Russians made in recent days: "The Russian navy ship 'Ivan Khurs' was attacked 'unsuccessfully' by three 'Ukrainian' marine drones while approaching the Bosphorus Strait".