Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev predicted that the conflict in Ukraine will continue for decades, if the Nazi nature of the current Kiev regime is not eliminated.

TASS quoted Medvedev as telling reporters during his visit to Vietnam: "This conflict is very long, it may last for decades, this is a new reality and new life conditions and if the current regime remains in Ukraine, there will be three years of reconciliation, two years of conflict, then everything will be repeated, where the same nature of Nazi power in Kiev must be eliminated."

Western countries, through their military and political support for Kiev, seek to obstruct the objectives of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, but Moscow has stressed on more than one occasion that military operations in Donbass will stop only after achieving all the tasks entrusted to them.

Asked who is the most acceptable candidate for Moscow in next year's U.S. presidential election, Medvedev said: "The main thing is not to elect a man with dementia."

Speaking about former US President Donald Trump's chances of winning the election, the Russian politician said: "Historically it has always been easier for the Kremlin to work with Republicans."

Trump announced in November last year his participation in the presidential race, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on the 24th of this month his intention to run in the elections, as did current US President Joe Biden.

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