If Boris Johnson were still prime minister, one would expect an original statement blaming the EU for the fact that more people entered the UK illegally in 2022 than ever before. Johnson's successor Rishi Sunak only states that the numbers are "too high".

Thus, another full-bodied promise of the Brexit ideologues has vanished into thin air. They had claimed that only by leaving the EU could Britain regain control over its borders and thus over the extent of migration. Measured against this, one would now have to speak of a loss of control, for which London itself is responsible. But Sunak doesn't want to see it that way.

The "solution" is probably just another illusion

Ever since they came to power in 2010, the Conservative-backed governments have promised to limit immigration. The difference between immigrants and emigrants should not exceed 100,000. Last year, the corresponding number was just over 600,000. According to official figures, this is a further increase compared to the previous year.

The "solution" that the government is offering to its people is quite controversial from a legal and moral point of view. Illegal immigrants are to be brought to Rwanda and remain there. Even if this construction were to stand up in court, it is likely to be just another illusion with which the government wants to feign strength.