Temperatures remain slightly higher than their averages, as a result of the country being affected by an extension of a surface air depression from the southeast, accompanied by southwesterly currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The Directorate General of Meteorology expected in its bulletin this evening that the weather tomorrow will be moderate spring, between clear and partly cloudy in general, with the opportunity for thunder showers of rain to fall over the island, and nebulae in the eastern regions and the Badia, and the winds are westerly between light and moderate with active gusts in the evening exceeding 45 km / h at times, and the sea is light in waves.

Expected temperatures.

Damascus Area31/15
Southern Region30/15
Mountainous heights20 /11
Central Region30 / 15
Coastal area22 / 17
Northern Region30 / 17
Al Jazeera Area32 / 20
Eastern Province33 / 21
Badia Region30 / 18