Salman Rushdie announces the resumption of writing after being honored in Britain

Writer Salman Rushdie announced on Tuesday that he had resumed writing nine months after being attacked with a knife in the United States that nearly took his life.

The 75-year-old writer, wearing glasses with one of its dark glasses, stood in front of photographers after being awarded a medal at Windsor Castle in west London by Princess Anne, sister of King Charles III. He announced his resumption of writing.

"I recovered well, and Talia was able to come here," Salman Rushdie said less than a week after making his first public appearance in New York since being attacked, adding: "I had to wait enough time to make a similar move."

On Aug. 12, Rushdie was seriously injured at a conference in Choctoqua, northwestern New York, in a knife attack by a young Lebanese-American man who rushed toward him as the writer was giving a speech.

His agent, Andrew Wylie, announced that Rushdie had lost sight in one eye and lost the ability to use one of his hands.