The RATP had announced with great fanfare its major recruitment campaign 2023 last February. In all, the transport authority planned to hire 6,600 staff recruited before the end of the year. Rather than quietly waiting for CVs, the operator has left, since Monday, to hunt for candidates at the Gare Saint-Lazare (8th arrondissement).

The operator has thus invested the Salle des Piliers, well known to users of lines 3, 12, 13 and 14 of the metro. This is where until this Friday, RATP recruiters are waiting for potential candidates and other curious people, from 9 am to 14 pm, to present them the 250 professions offered by the company.

Recruiters to guide

"Every year, we launch a major recruitment plan to renew our squad, but this year, it is even bigger because of the lengthening of certain lines and the preparation of major events such as the Rugby World Cup in September, and the Olympic Games in 2024," explains Marie Cosson. Director of Skills Development at RATP.

Short-term events, unlike the contracts proposed since 4,900 are permanent contracts: "The others are work-study contracts (1,000) and integration contracts for a return to employment project (700)," says Marie Cosson.

Diploma or not, experience or not, all profiles are sought, especially women who are at the heart of the group's strategy: "We want to feminize the company. It is important to make it clear to them that all positions are available to them. Many positions are also available to workers with disabilities.

The possibility to apply directly via QR code

Faced with the multitude of possibilities, recruiting agents direct candidates to the various professions of maintenance, security, bus, metro or RER driving. And if applications are made online, on the website, agents distribute flyers with QR code that allow you to submit a CV directly online. Better yet, for those who want to directly target a profession, the pillars of the room, covered with posters for the occasion, also offer QR codes that lead directly to job offers, profession by profession.

In addition to guiding candidates, recruiters can detail all the advantages they will find in working for a group like RATP, such as a unique healthcare offer for staff, a mutual insurance of the group of health centers, a provident and social offers with the Works Council, free transport and, For some time to come, the guarantee of employment and a special pension scheme... "Above all, they can consider career development," adds Marie Cosson, "RATP is a group with many trades and subsidiaries and a great tradition of promotion."

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