Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia is going through difficult times, but this is a moment of solidarity for the nation and the desire to create conditions for the development of the Russian economy.

"We have talked more than once about Russia is now going through difficult times, and this has never been easy, but this is a special moment for our strong solidarity, sharpening our national feeling and the desire to strengthen the foundations of our conscience, and create conditions in the field of economy, production and education for our youth, in order to ensure the unconditional future of our country," Putin was quoted by the Novosti news agency as saying today during the official awards ceremony for those in charge of outstanding activities and achievements, in the fields of culture, space science, education and others, in the Kremlin's Yekaterina Hall.

Addressing the recipients of the awards, Putin said: "You are the ones who make a visible and tangible contribution in various cultural and scientific fields," expressing his thanks to them.

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